Transportation Equity Fundamentals Certification

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Transportation Equity Fundamentals Certification

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Transportation Equity Fundamentals Certification

A two-part certification. Participants must attend Transportation Equity Fundamentals I & II to earn their certification. 

Discounted rates are available for groups of 10+, please contact for assistance.

Transportation Equity Fundamentals I:  Oct 31, Nov1, Nov 2 2023 12:30PM - 5PM Eastern Standard Time
Transportation Equity Fundamentals II:  July 13 & 14, 2023 1PM - 5PM Eastern Standard Time

Virtual sessions via Zoom | Registration includes access to applicable sessions 

Course Sample

Transportation Equity Fundamentals I Agenda

Session 1

Manifestation of Equity in Transportation | Dr. Mehri M. Mohebbi 
Interactive Exercises: Meaningful Engagement in Different Environments | Joey Goldman

Session 2

Equitable Engagement Methods in Transit | Dr. Mehri M. Mohebbi 
Interactive Exercises: Equity Implications of Virtual Engagement | Dr. Larry Schooler

Transportation Equity Fundamentals II Agenda

Session 1

Transition towards Accessibility-based Planning | Dr. Mehri M. Mohebbi 
Interactive Exercise: Develop Evaluation Tools and Performance Indicators for Measuring Progress toward Equity Goals | Todd Litman

Session 2

Equity Analysis and Community Context | Dr. Mehri M. Mohebbi 
Interactive Exercise: Measuring the Inclusivity of Transportation Systems


The Transportation Equity Fundamentals certification consists of the following two courses:

  1. Transportation Equity Fundamentals I (12 hours)
  2. Transportation Equity Fundamentals II (12 hours)

This program is designed to provide transportation engineers, planners, project managers, and public policy makers with a transportation equity perspective and knowledge on how to use equity principles in their day-to-day work. High-level content covered in these two courses are:

Transportation Equity Fundamentals I

  • Types of equity issues and their implications
  • Incorporate health and social equity into transportation planning and engineering design
  • Strategies to mitigate potential adverse impacts of transportation projects on communities
  • How to develop an effective and inclusive community outreach program

Transportation Equity Fundamentals II

  • Principles of accessibility-based transportation planning
  • Evaluation tools and performance indicators for measuring progress toward equity goals
  • Multimodal planning as a means to create affordable transportation systems
  • Case studies of successful initiatives and notable practices

Participants will be provided with an opportunity to collaborate in interactive exercises. The Transportation Equity Fundamentals Certification will be awarded to participants who complete Transportation Equity Fundamentals I and II courses. Each training is an 8-hour-live online course.

To request additional courses and discussion topics, contact Dr. Mehri M. Mohebbi using We are happy to customize this course to meet the needs of your agency. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing you in this course. 


  • The Transportation Equity Fundamentals Certification is ideal for transportation professionals, policymakers, engineers, planners, project managers, and public officials who develop, implement, and maintain initiatives of equity in transportation as well as those whose scholarly work may intersect mobility and access in different scales and contexts.  

Professional Development Hours (PDH)

Transportation Equity Fundamentals Certification

  • 16.0 PDH

For more information, visit the Transportation Equity certification page: UFTI Transportation Equity Fundamentals Certification Program – Transportation Technology Transfer (T2) Center (

Discounted rates are available for groups of 10+, please contact for assistance.