Intermediate Maintenance of Traffic Refresher

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VIRTUAL Training - Intermediate Maintenance of Traffic Refresher

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TIN# Consent

By registering for this course the registered student agrees to gives FDOT and MOT Administrator consent to use the first 9 numbers of your Driver’s License for verification purposes only. It is a unique way to identify you in the Training Qualification Database System (TQDBS). The first 9 numbers of your driver’s license will be used as your Username/TIN# to login to your student profile, see exam results and print your MOT certificate. This information will not be shared with other entities. For any student that declines to sign the consent form will not be eligible to take the course. By registering for the course, the registered student hereby authorizes the MOT Administrator to use their driver’s license (TIN#) for the items listed above. (TTCT Handbook 2016)

Virtual Training & Online Testing

FDOT approved UF T2 Center to provide virtual training with a corresponding online testing session for MOT/TTC trainings. 

Virtual training link (ZOOM) will be provided to registered students preceeding the training course. 


This 8-hour course is required for personnel with a current MOT Intermediate certificate.

All participants enrolled in the IMOT Refresher course must provide the MOT instructor government-issued identification and a copy of their current MOT intermediate, or intermediate refresher certification.

Certificates and Wallet Cards

The trainee must score at least 70% correct to successfully complete course. Your certificate will be issued electronically by the FDOT’s MOT administrator.  Visit the MOT administrator’s web page at for more information.

Training or refresher courses for all MOT levels are required every (4) four years to continue to be qualified.


Class Day



Day 1

7:30AM - 8:00AM


Day 1

8:00AM - 5:00PM

Virtual Instruction & Online Test