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The final exam is now available in Spanish. You may choose to take the final exam in Spanish by clicking the link below.

Register for PERO with Spanish Exam

In order to register for this course, you will need the following:

  • Your current qualification expiration date
  • A valid email address, you CAN NOT use the same email address for more than one person. 
  • An accepted Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Master Card, American Express)

Please choose the appropriate fee and organization from the drop-down menus and click "Register Now". Once you have entered your payment information, your registration will be submitted.  Please allow 1-3 business days to receive a separate email with your log in details for the refresher program. You will look for an email with the subject "Pilot Escort Refresher LOGIN INFORMATION" from T2/CTT Registration. That email will have all of the information you will need to start the course. 

For assistance, please contact the Florida T2 Center by email: t2cttassist@ce.ufl.edu or phone 352-273-1670.

Florida Pilot/Escort Flagging Training Refresher Policy

  1. Only escorts qualified by the state of Florida will be allowed access to the Pilot/Escort Refresher online course (with the exception of non-escorts using FDOT Authorization Numbers for informational purposes only; there will be no access to the refresher exam for these users).
  2. FDOT allows a 90 day grace period so that you can still take the refresher course up to 90 days after your expiration date.  After the 90th day, you must take the full 8-hour training course. This grace period DOES NOT extend the certificate expiration date to legally escort, it only extends the time to take the refresher course.
  3. Only two PAID attempts are allowed per participant. If you fail the first attempt, you may register for a second attempt or choose a live in-person class to refresh. All applicable fees apply.  Should you fail your second attempt, you must successfully complete the full 8-hour training course to receive a training certificate.
  4. Login information (the username and password) will be valid until 90 days after the participant's escort training certificate expiration date. After that time, the login information will be deleted from the system, not allowing the participant to continue with the course or exam. A grade will not be recorded, nor will a certificate be issued. Participant must then successfully complete the full 8-hour training course to receive a training certificate.
  5. The course fee and expedited fee is non-refundable. 
  6. Participants must pass an exam by scoring an 80% or higher to successfully complete the course.

The following minimum requirements must be met before using the Pilot Escort Refresher Online System. 


  • Windows XP/Mac OS X or higher
  • Pentium 4 processor or higher (or equivalent)
  • 1GB RAM
  • High-Speed Internet Connection (Cable, DSL, etc.)


  • Recently Updated Web Browser
    • We recommend Firefox (latest version) or Internet Explorer 9 (latest version)
    • Firefox can be downloaded for free at www.getfirefox.com
  • For quizzes to work properly, Java must be installed and enabled in your browser, if you are unsure if you have Java or if it is enabled properly, please contact your system administrator or visit www.java.com/en/download/help/testvm.xml to test your browser. This website also gives instructions on how to fix common problems with Java.
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