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CTQP Exam Only - Gainesville
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T2 is proud to offer "Written Exam Only" sessions for many of the CTQP exams.

Written Exam Only sessions (sometimes called "challenge" sessions) provide trainees a chance to take any CTQP written exam. No course manuals or specifications are provided, so trainees must bring their own materials for open book or open specification exams. We can allow only one (1) or two (2) exams per student per session, not to exceed six (6) hours in total exam time allowed.

Please note: A convenience fee of $25 will be assessed for exams scheduled within two weeks of the request date.


Some qualifications will require Proficiency Exams (hands-on) for qualification. When this is true, taking only a written exam will not, in most cases, actually qualify trainees.

The best option for those needing both exams is to take them with an instructed course of the correct type (for example, find an Asphalt Paving 1 course and choose the sign up option for "EO.WP: Written & Proficiency Exams Only").

The following qualifications all require both a written and proficiency exam to be passed before qualification can be granted (each item is a link to see those scheduled courses):

  • Asphalt Paving Level 1 and Asphalt Plant Level 1 (all trainees).
  • Earthwork Construction Inspection Level 1 (applies only to initial or expired trainees: if currently qualified, only written exam is required).
  • Drilled Shaft Inspection (all trainees).
  • LBR Technician (all trainees).
  • Qualified Aggregate Sampler (all trainees).