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Mobility Fees in Florida Webinar

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Local governments in Florida are exploring Mobility Plans and Mobility Fees as an alternative to concurrency and road impact fees and exploring creative ways to provide mobility through means other than adding road capacity. This webinar will help you learn how 21st Century approaches that accommodate transit, walking and bicycling are being integrated into Mobility Plans and how Mobility Fees can be used to assist with funding these alternative approaches to Mobility.  With the changes in 2011 to the transportation concurrency requirements, more communities in Florida are adopting mobility fees as a way to help fund transportation improvements.  The transportation concurrency requirement in state law is now optional for local agencies, and the adoption of mobility fee funding is encouraged to meet the transportation impacts of development.  FDOT’s Transit Office developed a guidebook to help local governments plan for, develop, and implement mobility fees to fund local transit and transit-supportive investments, assisting communities at all stages. This webinar will also present the state of the practice in Florida, and introduce the guidebook and its five phases to implement a mobility fee, based on key programs in Florida and nationwide.



Kathleen Rooney, Renaissance Planning, is a project manager with more than 13 years of integrated planning experience with a focus on understanding and addressing emerging trends in local communities. Currently, she is working on best practices in integrating transit into complete streets for FDOT, a climate resilience implementation tool for U.S. EPA, new freight demand analysis tools for FHWA, and various planning services to several Florida cities. She also led the development of Using Mobility Fees to Fund Transit Improvements Guidebook


Jonathan Paul is the Principal of NUE Urban Concepts and has over 18 years of land use, transportation planning and impact/mobility fee experience. He was the principal author of the 1st mobility plan and fee in Florida while working as the concurrency and impact fee manager for Alachua County. Jonathan Paul has completed and is currently working with communities throughout Florida developing Mobility Plans and Mobility Fees.