Upcoming Programs

ProgramSection #Begin DateEnd Date
Oral Pathology Review & Updates 230323-.0612/8/202212/8/2022
ADEX Board Preparation 230252-.0312/16/202212/18/2022
Module 12 – Wealth Accumulation and Your Personal Financial Plan 220198-121/7/20231/7/2023
Module 13 – Planning for Retirement and Practice Transitions 220198-131/8/20231/8/2023
Radiographic Navigation in the Diagnosis of Lesions within the Jaws
Diagnosis of 2D and 3D Images
Fundamental of Dental Assisting 230090-.041/21/20231/22/2023
Important Drug Interaction in Dentistry 230318-.011/27/20231/27/2023
20th Annual Oral Pathology Symposium 2303122/3/20232/4/2023
Managing Simple Periodontal Surgery Complications 230318-.022/10/20232/10/2023
Fundamental of Dental Assisting 230090-.052/18/20232/19/2023
Update in Dental Biomaterials 230318-.032/24/20232/24/2023
License Renewal Seminar 220011-.022/24/20232/24/2023
Advanced Ultrasonic Instrumentation in Periodontal Management 2304973/24/20233/24/2023
Synergy: The Single-Tooth Workflow 2302613/24/20233/25/2023
Fundamental of Dental Assisting 230090-.064/1/20234/2/2023
Expanded Functions for Dental Auxiliary (Phase 2) 230007-.07 part 14/8/20234/9/2023
Local Anesthesia for Today's Dental Hygienist: Certification Course 230006-.054/14/20234/16/2023
Dr. Henry A. Gremillion Memorial Symposium
Orofacial Pain with Dr. Okeson
ADEX Board Preparation 230252-.044/25/20234/27/2023
Nitrous Oxide Psychosedation: Certification Course 230123-.045/5/20235/6/2023
Fundamental of Dental Assisting 230090-.075/20/20235/21/2023
Hard Tissue Grafting Options 2304686/2/20236/3/2023
Expanded Functions for Dental Auxiliary (Phase 2) 230007-.08 part 16/3/20236/4/2023
Local Anesthesia for Today's Dental Hygienist: Certification Course 230006-.066/9/20236/11/2023
User-Friendly Crown Lengthening Procedures to Enhance Excellent Restorative Dentistry 2300056/23/20236/23/2023
Radiology for Dental Auxiliary 230124-.036/24/20236/24/2023
Restorative Dentistry Update: What Every General Dentist Should Know 2400067/11/20237/23/2023
Full-Arch Fixed Solutions: Planning, Placement & Restoration 2400048/11/20238/12/2023
License Renewal Seminar 220011-.039/29/20239/29/2023
Restorative Functions for DA and RDH 240003-1.11/1/20246/30/2024
License Renewal Webinar Part 1 220011-.041/30/20241/30/2024
Full-Arch CBCT Guided Surgery: Smile in a Box 2400052/2/20242/3/2024
License Renewal Webinar Part 2 220011-.052/6/20242/6/2024
Restorative Functions for DA and RDH 240003-2.16/1/202411/30/2024
Restorative Functions for DA and RDH 2500011/1/20255/31/2025