Upcoming Programs

ProgramSection #Begin DateEnd Date
45th Annual Florida Association of Medical Examiners Educational Conference 190286-910307/18/201807/20/2018
Heart Failure Management 2018 19018107/19/201807/22/2018
Update in Liver & Gastrointesinal Diseases 2018 190135-904707/27/201807/28/2018
full - Program for Distressed Physicians 52CMEPDP-904408/09/201808/09/2018
Program for Distressed Physicians 52CMEPDP-904509/19/201809/21/2018
UF Department of Psychiatry's 60th Anniversary Lecture 190191-904809/21/201809/21/2018
2018 Fall Musculoskeletal Pathology Seminar 190172-919510/22/201810/26/2018
Prescribing Controlled Drugs: Critical Issues and Common Pitfalls of Misprescribing 52CMEPCD-904310/24/201810/26/2018
Program for Distressed Physicians 52CMEPDP-904612/06/201812/08/2018
Women and Heart Disease Conference - New Therapies in Cardiovascular Disease 190340-910002/02/201902/02/2019
The 1st International University of Florida Nephrocardiology Conference 19016502/15/201902/17/2019