Intermediate Maintenance of Traffic - Refresher

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The Florida Transportation Technology Transfer (T2) Center is an approved provider for the Florida Department of Transportation Intermediate Maintenance of Traffic Course.



To provide all personnel who have maintained current qualification an opportunity to refresh his or her qualification for 4 (four) more years by attending the course and retesting from an approved provider.



Hold a current Intermediate MOT qualification issued by a DOT approved provider.

MUST bring a DL and current IMOT qualification wallet card to be allowed to take the exam. The date on your wallet card must be on or after the test date. An email address is required.

The wallet card and certificate will be emailed to you from the MOT Administrator usually within 14 days of the test.



Full Course with exam is 8 hours.

Class Day



Day 1 7:30AM - 8:00AM Sign-In
Day 1 8:00AM - 5:00PM Instruction & Test

Start-times are consistent. End-times may vary depending on instruction required and class-size.

If a trainee does not pass the refresher test, he or she will be required to take and successfully complete the full 16-hour course .