Highway Capacity Manual, Sixth Edition – Webinar An Overview and Introduction to Free HCM-CALC Software

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Highway Capacity Manual, Sixth Edition – Webinar: An Overview and Introduction to Free HCM-CALC Software

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The Sixth Edition of the HCM (https://www.mytrb.org/Store/Product.aspx?ID=8313) was released in October 2016 and incorporates the latest research on highway capacity, quality of service, and travel time reliability.

The objective of this webinar is to provide a general introduction to the HCM 6th edition, as well as highlight changes in this edition relative to the 5th edition of the HCM.  Specific topics covered in this webinar will include:

-       Development process of the HCM

-       Format and organization of the HCM

-       High-level overview of the major revisions/enhancements to the uninterrupted-flow analysis methodologies

-       High-level overview of the major revisions/enhancements to the interrupted-flow analysis methodologies

-    Introduction to free software (HCM-CALC) that performs the uninterrupted-flow analysis methodologies of the HCM.  The software can be obtained at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/hcm-calc/9nblggh538w4

Participate in the live webinar, with a chance to ask questions. These follow-on webinars will provide more detailed overview of uninterrupted-flow analysis methodologies and demonstrations of software applications in HCM-CALC.


Dr. Washburn is a professor in the Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering at the University of Florida. Dr. Washburn’s areas of transportation engineering expertise include traffic flow theory and traffic operations analysis. Dr. Washburn also has an extensive background in computer science/computer programming. Much of Dr. Washburn’s research efforts are aimed at improving and enhancing traffic analysis methods, as well as developing complimentary software tools.

 Dr. Washburn has been very actively involved with the Highway Capacity and Quality of Service Committee (HCQSC) for the Transportation Research Board since 2001 and was a formal member of the committee from 2006-2016. During this time, Dr. Washburn also served as chair of the Freeways/Multilane Highways subcommittee (2006-2011) and as chair of the User Liaison subcommittee (2011-2016).  Dr. Washburn is also the principal investigator for the in-progress NCHRP 17-65 project that is developing a new two-lane highway analysis methodology for the HCM.  More information about Dr. Washburn can be found at swash.essie.ufl.edu.