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Insurance Pre-Licensing Bail Bond Agent Qualification Course

The Bail Bond Agent Pre-Licensure open enrollment, online course, provides the tools and knowledge to start your career track as a temporary licensure bail bond agent. You will be instructed by our most qualified educator, Bob Dicker who has 24 years of experience as an FBI Special Agent and has been a Licensed Bail Bonds Agent for 20 years. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: define and discuss key terms, be familiar with Florida Statutes Chapters 648 and 903 as well as the Administrative Rules of the Chief Financial Officer, discuss contracts, explain how the bail bond business operates legally and effectively, write and underwrite bonds, and explain how bondsmen are regulated in Florida.

This course is offered as a fully online self-paced program. There are 5 graded written assignments and one final examination. A score of 70 or above on the final exam is required to successfully pass the course. This course has an open enrollment period so you may enroll at any time and are allowed up to six months to complete the course.

The Insurance Pre-Licensing Bail Bond Agent Qualification course is one of several requirements set by the Florida Department of Financial Services for those interested in the Limited Surety Agents license (2-34) and the Professional Bail Bondsman license (2-37)

To obtain the Florida Department of Financial Services step-by-step process to becoming a bail bond agent in Florida, click here. In addition to this program you will be required to take one of the 120 hour face-to-face courses offered throughout Florida.

120 Hour Face-to-Face Programs: 

*Note: The University of Florida does not recommend or sponsor the above programs, we simply list these programs for our student's convenience.  


Course Syllabus:

Click here to download the course syllabus.



About the Instructor

Bob Dicker

Mr. Dicker has 24 years of experience as an FBI Special Agent. He has undertaken extensive work in training law enforcement officers and other security personnel in security management, loss prevention, crime resistance, limited surety and defensive tactics. Mr. Dicker has been a Licensed Bail Bonds Agent since 1995. He has also been providing Limited Surety Agent instruction for over 20 years.