Initial Training Course for Landfill Operators and C&D Sites - 24 Hour Online - Course 10656

Initial Training Course for Landfill Operators and C&D Sites - 24 Hour Online

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  • CEUs: 2.4
  • Course #: 1029
  • Solid Waste Landfills I III / C&D - Initial: 24.0 Hours
  • Solid Waste TS / MRF: 8.0 Hours
  • Solid Waste Spotter: 4.0 Hours
Coordinator Vivian Li     email:     phone: (352) 392-9570 or 352-294-7047


About the Course

Inside each content module, you will find interactive lectures and quizzes. You must achieve a passing score of 70% on each module to move on to the next module. Modules must be completed in sequential order. Within 7 working days your Florida solid waste training transcript will be created and the course added, or if you already have an active Florida solid waste transcript, then this training will be added.

Purpose of Course

This course has been approved by the State of Florida Solid Waste Management Training Committee [SWMTC] as an Initial training course for Class I & III Landfills Operators and C&D Sites. Course #1029. The current course is approved through August 2022. Please check this course listing linked to the Florida Solid Waste Operators/Spotter Training Database to make sure you will receive the number of contact hours needed for your specific type of operator or spotter classification.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Describe the basics of solid waste & landfill operations
  2. Identify environmental concerns with waste handling facilities; screening for prohibited materials and managing special waste
  3. Discuss the fundamentals of landfill construction; leachate and gas management; groundwater monitoring issues; monitoring of landfill cell closures; transfer station operations and materials recovery facilities operations.

Note  If participant is needing continuing education credits [CEUs] to maintain their active landfill operator training, then they should probably take the refresher training (no exam). If you are also needing to be a trained TS/MRF operator, then you probably should take Landfill Operations and WPF course.


 Solid Waste:

  • Operators, Spotters
  • Landfill or Transfer Station or Materials Recovery Facility Owners, Managers, Supervisors
  • Consultants
  • Local and State Regulatory Inspectors


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Time for Completion

90 days to complete the course from the date login information for the online course is received in order to receive CEUs or contact hours approved by the SWMTC. If you exceed the 90 day period without completing the course and you wish to continue, you must start over with registration, fees and retaking the course starting from Module 1. There are no extensions or grace period. This completion time period is set by the SWMTC.

70% proficiency is required for all exercises in order to receive a Certicate of Completion.

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Course Topics and Sequence

  1. Course introduction

  2. Regulations

  3. Environmental concerns

  4. Solid waste management basics

  5. Screening for prohibited materials

  6. Special waste

  7. Health and safety

  8. Compliance inspections

  9. Facility siting and permitting

  10. Heavy equipment solid waste management facilities

  11. Transfer stations

  12. Landfill basic operations

  13. Leachate management at landfills

  14. Landfill gas management

  15. Groundwater monitoring

  16. Landfill closure