Asbestos Refresher: Project Design Online - Course 11079

Asbestos Refresher: Project Design Online

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  • FBPR Licensed Asbestos Consultant or Contractor: Provider # 0000995; Course #0006403
  • FBPE Provider #: 0004021 8.0 CEHs
  • CEUs: 0.8

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This State of Florida approved course provides you with a review and update on new asbestos legislation pertinent to Asbestos Project Designers. Topics covered include:

  • Review of AHERA Regulations
  • Review of OSHA Regulations
  • Review of Other Safety Considerations
  • Review of NESHAP and State Regulations
  • Health Effects & Medical Monitoring Update
  • Writing Asbesos Specifications Review
  • Abatement Materials and Methods Update
  • Air Monitoring Requirements Review


This course is for persons who are seeking re-accreditation as Asbestos Project Designers. In Florida, Asbestos Project Designers must work under the direction of a Florida Licensed Asbestos Consultant (LAC).


Brian J. DuChene, PE, LAC

Brian serves as the statewide Manager for Facilities Consulting Services for Terracon, based in their Winter Park, FL office.  He has over 25 years of engineering and indoor environmental consultant experience with U.S. and international consulting firms.

Brian has provided instruction for asbestos and other courses offered by UF TREEO since 1989. He has co-developed the curriculum materials for UF TREEO’s AHERA Asbestos Inspector/Management Planner Refresher course and developed the curriculum for the Laws and Rules for FL Professional Engineers courses offered by UF TREEO. He also served as course director, and developed the curriculum for the accredited asbestos training courses provided by a large consulting firm.

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What to Expect

Students enrolled in this course benefit from instructors who have extensive on the job experience and examples of real life work scenarios. Interactive lesson reviews allow the opportunity to actively engage in your learning experience.

The cost of this course includes materials and a 25 question end of course exam. Successful completion of this exam is required. All exam sessions will be reviewed as part of your final grade. Final Exam must be completed within 30 days of enrollment. Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Reaccreditation as an Asbestos Project Designer.


You must provide proof of having completed the initial EPA-approved training course and any annual refresher courses in the discipline in which you seek reaccreditation. If your initial and refresher course certificates were not issued by UF TREEO, you must email a copy of your initial and last refresher certificates to our registrar, Kady Morris , be verified before the class begins.

Course Structure

This is a 30-day completion deadline. This course is 8 hours in length. It consists of eight content modules, knowledge and skills activities, and a final exam. Inside each content module, you will find lecture videos, a PDF of PowerPoint handouts to accompany the lecture, and a quiz. You must score at least 70% on each quiz to move on to the next module. Additionally, some modules also have required readings and supplemental videos. Participation is monitored and you will be required to complete the full 8 hour time requirement.

After completing Modules 1 - 8, you will take the final exam for this course. You must score at least 70% on the final exam to earn your certificate of reaccreditation for this course.

This course will utilize Honorlock for the final exam to ensure exam integrity. Honorlock ensures exam integrity and enables administration of remote online exams. All exam sessions will be reviewed as part of your final grade. Instances of cheating or inappropriate behavior will be considered violations of the Student Honor Code and will result in disciplinary action.

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Information about obtaining your Certificate of Reaccreditation will be available after successfully completing your final exam and submitting the course survey.

Accessing the course:

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