Water Treatment Plant Operations for D-Licensure Online - Course 1584

Water Treatment Plant Operations for D-Licensure Online

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  • TREEO FDEP OCP 04131061: CEUs: 4.0 DS DW
Coordinator Sienna Horton     email:     phone: (352) 392-9570 or 352-294-3874


This self-paced drinking water treatment and distribution course consists of online exercises, presentations, self-graded quizzes/tests and a final exam. The instructional materials will allow the student to understand the basic operation and maintenance fundamentals of a small drinking water treatment plant and distribution system. 

Students, please be aware to qualify for the state exam you will need either a high school diploma or a Florida Department of Education approved GED.  Online GED's are not accepted by FDEP.  You do not need a D License to progress to the C License.  If you are interested in becoming a C-Level Water operator, you will need to take the C-Level course.

Textbooks are included in registration fee. Textbooks will be shipped to you upon receipt of registration payment. This course utilizes "Water Treatment Plant Operations", Vol. I and II, CSUS Foundation. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping. No refunds are given after books are shipped or student has logged into the course.

Students must sign up separately for the state Level-D Exam. For more information about the state exam, go to the FDEP Website.


Anyone interested in gaining knowledge of a small drinking water system operation and maintenance including owners, managers and maintenance workers of campgrounds, hotels/motels, mobile home parks or any establishment not connected to a large community or municipality drinking water distribution system. This course is not required to take the FDEP Class D Drinking Water Operator exam.  


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  • Introduction to Water Treatment
    • Basic Concepts
    • Importance of Water
    • Raw Water Sources
    • Selection of a Water Source
    • The Safe Drinking Water Act
    • Math Basics
  • Regulation of Water Quality
    • History of Water Regulations
    • Primary Drinking Water Standards/Chemical
    • Primary Drinking Water Standards/Biological
    • Secondary Standards
    • Sampling for Contaminants
  • Iron and Manganese Control
    • The Problem of Iron and Manganese
    • Remedial Actions
    • Operation of an Iron & Manganese Removal Plant
  • Filtration
    • Overview of the Filtration Process
    • Process Performance
    • Activated Carbon Filters
    • Interaction with Other Processes
    • Normal Process Conditions
    • Abnormal Process Conditions
    • Startup and Shutdown Procedures
    • Process Support Equipment
  • Coagulation and Flocculation
    • Coagulation and Flocculation Basics
    • Normal Process Conditions
    • Other Process Conditions
  • Sedimentation Basins
    • Sedimentation Process Basics
    • Sedimentation Basins
    • Operational Process Conditions
    • Design & Operational Guidelines
  • Fluoridation
    • Fluoride Systems
    • Operation & Maintenance
    • Safety Issues
    • Fluoride Feed Calculations
  • Disinfection
    • Introduction to Disinfection
    • Process of Disinfection
    • Chlorination Equipment
    • Maintenance & Safety Issues
    • Other Disinfection Processes
    • Process Calculations