Wastewater Class B Certification Review - Course 4577

Wastewater Class B Certification Review

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  • Class Times Day 1-4: 8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.
  • Class Times Day 5: 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
  • CEUs: No OCP Credit for Review Classes
Coordinator Areiole Williams     email: areiole.williams@treeo.ufl.edu     phone: (352) 392-9570 or 352-294-3877


Five days of intense exam review and preparation.  Material covered includes:  anaerobic digestion and troubleshooting, advanced wastewater math, filtration, nitrogen and phosphorus removal, disinfection and disinfection troubleshooting, activated sludge processes and troubleshooting and FDEP regulations.

Topics Discussed

  • Math
  • Disinfection
  • Rules
  • Filtration
  • Nitrogen Removal
  • Phosphorus Removal
  • Sludge Digestion and Dewatering
  • Troubleshooting


"I was in your April 17th WW B class. This class that you give with Charlies help is a great experiance for  anyone in wastwater. This note is to thank you for everything.  I have taken the exam and passed with 81% the same score I got on your exam." 

"Just wanted to let you know i passed the B exam today with a score of 88%. I'll be back soon for the A review class."  

"Just wanted to let you know I passed the B exam with a score of 80. As usual I can honestly say that the review class helps a lot with sticking things in your head that you don't use every day."

"Ron,  Thumbs up on the Wastewater B Exam!  Please provide me with the information regarding the recommended Management Course/Correspondence for Wastewater A Exam.  I learned a lot about math.  This class is very informative and I have enjoyed both times I have been here."

"Ron the instructor was excellent.  Best WW class that I've ever taken.  He teaches in a manner that is very informative and entertaining.  He keeps it interesting to where you really want to pay attention."
"Thanks for all of your assistance in preparing for the B exam. "

"Dude, I love Ron! Haha.  He helped me pass the C & B.  Best in the business!"

"Specific examples and quizing of important numbers and terms.  Also the explanation and photo examples really help us with limited exposure to other plants/process types, systems & problems."

"Ron's thorough explanation ofth subject matter.  He explained everything in a way that is easy to understand and remember."


Ron Trygar, CET

Ron is the Senior Training Specialist for Water and Wastewater programs at the University of Florida TREEO Center.  Previously he was the Wastewater Process Control Specialist at Hillsborough County Public Utilities in Tampa FL.  He has worked in the wastewater industry for more than thirty years in a variety of locations and positions. Ron became a Certified Environmental Trainer (CET) in 1998 and has since provided training for associations and regulatory agencies such as FDEP; FW&PCOA Short Schools; USABlueBook; FWEA sponsored training events and local school environmental programs. Working alongside the FDEP Northeast District, Ron helped begin the FRWA/FDEP joint operator certification review classes that are still given around the state today.  Ron holds a Florida class A wastewater treatment operator’s license and a Florida class B drinking water operator’s license.

Charlie Martin, Ph.D.

Charlie Martin has a Florida Class A Water and Wastewater Operator licenses. He has a Masters of Engineering in Civil Engineering, a BS in Biology/Expanded Physical Science and an AA degree in Chemistry. Charlie has just received his Doctorate degree in Civil Engineering at the FAMU/FSU College of Engineering. Presently Charlie is the Water/Wastewater Director for the City of Graceville.  There he has an Advanced Wastewater Treatment facility and directs a NELAC certified Drinking Water/Environmental Water Laboratory.

Phillip Brown 

Phil Brown has been employed with the City of Jacksonville Beach for 22 years.  He started with the city as a Lift Station Mechanic then he was promoted to Plant Mechanic.  During this time Phil worked on his Waste Water C license.  Once he obtained his license he began to fall in love with the job and continued his education until he received his WW A license.  Currently he is the Plant Supervisor.  During his time he started working with his mentor Ron Trygar at the UF TREEO Center as an Instructor Assistant helping with C waste water review.  Phillip has his BA degree major in Business and minor in Environmental Science, and a “C” Collection Certification.  He is currently working on his CET (Certified Environmental Trainer). Phillip is happily married with five kids and five grandchildren.  “When you love your job it’s no longer work anymore.”

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Wastewater Class B Certification Review

Day 1-4 time each day: 8:00am - 4:30pm
Day 5 time: 8:00am - 3:00pm
Students are on their own for lunches
Regular breaks are provided
Day One:
  • Introductions 
  • Day One Math
  • FDEP Rules and Reg’s.
  • Preliminary and Primary Treatment
  • Activated Sludge Secondary Treatment Processes
Day Two:
  • Secondary Clarification and Hydraulics
  • Activated Sludge Parameter Relationships
  • Day Two Math
  • Activated Sludge Troubleshooting
Day Three:
  • Biological Nitrogen Removal
  • Biological Phosphorus Removal
  • Chemical Nutrient Removal
  • Day Three Math
Day Four:
  • Effluent Filtration
  • Effluent Disinfection
  • Effluent Disposal
  • Day Four Math 
Day Five:
  • Sludge Digestion, Thickening, Dewatering
  • Safety
  • Pumps
  • Math Review