Asbestos Refresher: Contractor/Supervisor Online - Course 7576

Asbestos Refresher: Contractor/Supervisor Online

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  • CEUs: 0.8
  • FBPR Licensed Asbestos Consultant or Contractor: #0000995; Course #0006386
  • FBPR CILB (Construction): #0000995; Course #0612632
  • FBPE Provider #: 0004021 8 CEH
  • TREEO FDEP OCP 04191030: CEUs: .8 DS DW WW
Coordinator Lauren McCain     email:     phone: (352) 392-9570 or (352) 294-3876


This course provides you with a regulatory review and update on new asbestos legislation pertinent to Asbestos Contractors/Supervisors. Topics covered include:

  • Updates on new asbestos legislation pertinent to Asbestos Contractors/Supervisors
  • Air sampling & health concerns
  • Analytical methods
  • Legal issues & liability
  • Work practices & safety


This course is for Asbestos Contractor/Supervisors seeking Reaccreditation.


Charles Haury, CIH, CSP

Mr. Haury is the President of Petra Safety Solutions, LLC.  He is a certified industrial hygienist (CIH), certified safety professional (CSP), a licensed mold assessor (MRSA) and a licensed asbestos consultant (LAC) in the State of Florida.  He has over 30 years of experience in providing solutions to complex and diverse health and safety issues.  He has extensive experience in OSHA regulatory issues, asbestos and lead management, personal protective equipment and indoor environmental quality.  Mr. Haury has provided expert testimony on asbestos, mold management and toxic exposures. He has also presented on a variety of health and safety topics at numerous professional conferences.

Terry Zinn, Attorney-at-law

Mr. Zinn is an Attorney-at-Law and Adjunct Professor with the University of Florida.  He was formerly an environmental attorney for the Florida DOT, the first to be designated as such.  His expertise is in environmental law and litigation with a background in biology and environmental science.  Terry frequently lectures and publishes articles on hazardous waste, asbestos, and other environmental issues for the Florida Bar and UF TREEO Center.  He is instrumental in the design and implementation of UF TREEO’s asbestos contractor/supervisor refresher courses since 1988.

David Wiggins, P.A.

Mr. Wiggins is the CEO and President of Hazardous Operations, Inc.  He has been the in the Environmental Health & Safety field since the 1980’s.  In 1994, he joined the State of Florida where he was the Supervisor of Environmental Health & Safety for the State Buildings overseeing all aspects of training for Asbestos, Lead, Indoor Air Quality, Underground Fuel Storage tanks, Hazardous Waste Operations, PCB’s and Water Quality projects.  He has been an instructor with UF TREEO since 1996.


What to Expect:

Students enrolled in this course benefit from instructors who have extensive on the job experience and examples of real life work scenarios. Interactive lesson reviews allow the opportunity to actively engage in your learning experience.

The cost of this course includes materials and a 25 question end of course exam. Successful completion of this exam is required. The final exam must be completed within 30 days of enrollment.  Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Reaccreditation as an Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor.*

*The State of Florida requires Asbestos Contractor/Supervisors work under the direction of a Florida Licensed Asbestos Contractor.


U.S. EPA requires documentation of current AHERA Certificates of Accreditation and Certificates of Reaccreditation; and Florida BPR: Asbestos Licensing Unit has approved only certain training providers from which you can receive credit to renew your Florida license.

To be reaccredited, you must provide proof of having successfully completed the initial EPA-approved training course in accordance with Florida BPR: Asbestos Licensing Unit and any annual refresher courses in the discipline in which you seek reaccreditation. If your initial and refresher course certificates were issued through another training provider, you must submit copies with your registration.

Course Structure

This is a 30 day completion deadline. This course is 8 hours in length. It consists of four content modules, a module of knowledge and skills activities, and a final exam. Inside each content module, you will find lecture videos, a PDF of PowerPoint handouts to accompany the lecture, and a quiz. You must score at least 70% on each quiz to move on to the next module. Additionally, some modules also have required readings and supplemental videos.

After completing Modules 1 - 5, you will take the final exam for this course. You must score at least 70% on the final exam to earn your certificate of reaccreditation for this course.

This course will utilize ProctorFree for the final exam to ensure exam integrity. ProctorFree ensures exam integrity and enables administration of remote online exams. All exam sessions will be reviewed as part of your final grade. Instances of cheating or inappropriate behavior will be considered violations of the Student Honor Code and will result in disciplinary action.

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