Intro to DEP SOP's for Groundwater - Course 9148

Intro to DEP SOP's for Groundwater

Gainesville (Prerequisite is DEP SOPs for Water Sampling & Meter Testing)

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  • FDEP OCP 04191031:: CEUs: 0.4 DS DW WW
Coordinator Areiole Williams     email:     phone: (352) 392-9570 or 352-294-3877


Optional- DEP SOP's for Groundwater- 8:00am-12:00noon

NOTE:  Pre-requisite for this course DAY ONE- DEP SOP's for Water Sampling & Meter Testing

This optional half day morning session will include a classroom segment and intructor-guided segments on groundwater techniques. 

Students will be divided into smaller groups for the hands-on portions of this course.  Class size is limited for both days of the course.

Groundwater Purging & Sampling (Classroom Session)


Groundwater Purging & Sampling - Using peristaltic & electric submersible pumps- Hands On

Wrap-up classroom session - Review of course topics & course evaluation

What to bring (for both days of the course)

  • Note taking supplies
  • Field-testing instruments (instructors will only have one instrument available)
  • Ph conductivity, temperature, DO, chlorine, turbidity
  • Field-testing instrument calibration standards (instructors will only have supplies for one instrument)
  • Please wear field clothes and shoes and provide for protection from the sun and weather.


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Agenda-   8:00am-12:00noon


Groundwater Purging & Sampling (classroom session)


Groundwater Purging & Sampling (using peristaltic & electric submersible pumps- Hands-On

Wrap-up classroom session (Review of course topics & Coure evaluation)